look angle

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look angle

[′lu̇k ‚aŋ·gəl]
(aerospace engineering)
The elevation and azimuth at which a particular satellite is predicted to be found at a specified time.
The solid angle in which an instrument operates effectively, generally used to describe radars, optical instruments, and space radiation detectors.

squint angle

The maximum angle away from a missile axis at which the homing head can acquire and lock onto the normal emitting point at significant distance. The homing head can be IR (infrared), radar, or electro-optical. The same as a look angle.

field of view

field of viewclick for a larger image
Field of view in a head-up display.
i. The angle between two rays passing through the perspective center of a camera lens to two opposite sides of the format.
ii. The total solid angle available when looking through a sight or a head-up display.
iii. The look angle of a seeker. See look angle.
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The AFRICASAT-1a satellite provides high powered C-band beams with excellent look angles across the African continent and island nations.
Customers would get advantage from the high-performance and excellent look angles for Africa offered by the Yamal-402 satellite.
In addition, if the array is only tilted around the x'-axis, gain is decreased for look angles near the tail ([Phi] = 90[degrees]) and nose ([Phi] = -90[degrees]) of the aircraft.