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a stabbing weapon with a blade sharpened on both sides, used in hand-to-hand combat.

In very ancient times daggers were made from split animal horns or flint. Subsequently, copper, bronze, iron, and, later, steel were used. Steel daggers are often carried in beautifully decorated sheaths. Among certain peoples (such as in the Caucasus) the weapon is part of the national costume.

What does it mean when you dream about a dagger?

A dagger is usually taken to be a symbol of strong male power. Alternatively, it may be a symbol of treachery (in fiction, people are frequently stabbed in the back with daggers). Daggers sometimes also indicate hostility (“daggers in men’s smiles”).


A small decorated tracery motif in the form of a distorted cusped lancet, with the foot pointed; a pointed oval-shaped opening in the tracery.


Daggers, knives, and swords could represent significant feelings of anger toward yourself and others. If you kill or wound a perceived enemy in your dream, your unconscious mind may be encouraging you to conquer your fears. Freud thought that all such objects were phallic symbols.
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I was very embarrassed therefore when a man sat opposite the bar spent the whole time looking daggers at us for no reason that we could see except that we were not locals and he obviously thought we had no right to be there.
But I can still remember their team manager Roger Uttley looking daggers at Skinner to this day.
PROSPECTIVE dad-in-law Robert De Niro is looking daggers at his daughter's fiance Ben Stiller who keeps putting his foot in it big time on a one-way ticket to marital meltdown.
At the club, Sandy notices two girls looking daggers at one another and it isn't long before one of the girls, Tina (Vivienne Russell), lies bleeding at Jasmine's feet.