loose insulation

loose-fill insulation

Thermal insulation in the form of granules, nodules, fibers, powder, flakes, or shreds; may be hand-packed, pneumatically placed, or poured into cavities or over supporting membranes. Also see granular-fill insulation.
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When diameter is not critical but flexibility or "low flex resistance" is very important, cables with loose insulation jackets can be used to allow the wiring to bend more easily inside the overall jacketing material.
CUTLINE: (1) Michael Plasski, a home energy auditor for MassSAVE, finds loose insulation in the half basement of the Clapp family's Paxton home where he was conducting an energy audit.
Pieces of loose insulation floated through the air while fans scrambled for cover and the players escaped to the safety of their locker rooms.
Tests revealed that the shuttle had been doomed since liftoff, when a piece of loose insulation punctured a hole in its left wing (163: 308; 164: 21).
Reclaimed plastics may be made into noodles for special applications or loose insulation materials may be produced.
An exclusive double-wall Air-Tite(TM) cabinet with enclosed insulation prevents loose insulation fibers from circulating in the living space.