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(MIT) 1. To fail. A program loses when it encounters an exceptional condition or fails to work in the expected manner.

2. To be exceptionally unesthetic or crocky.

3. Of people, to be obnoxious or unusually stupid (as opposed to ignorant).

4. Refers to something that is losing, especially in the phrases "That's a lose!" and "What a lose!"
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Koriya (Chhattisgarh) [India], Feb 16 ( ANI ): A Congress MLA from Chhattisgarh has stirred controversy with his recent remark on Chief Minister Raman Singh, saying the latter has been losing sleep and "might be drinking alcohol before bed" since the appointment of PL Punia as Chhattisgarh in-charge of Congress.
Overall, about six of every 10 Americans are losing sleep over money worries.
Nearly 1 in 3 (29 percent) of Americans are losing sleep over health care and insurance costs.
STEVE Clarke isn't losing sleep over Albion's loss of form - but he admits his golf swing is losing its sparkle.
Some docs say snoozing on your back can help, but honestly, a little spit is not worth losing sleep over.
Losing sleep to watch the night-sky: The relationship between sleep-length and noctcaelador.
Bupa said stress-related medical problems were becoming increasingly common, with more and more people losing sleep because of anxiety.
With the current trial against Father Edwin Wempe and the recent arrest of Michael Baker, Cardinal Mahony has to be losing sleep.
Getting ready for August 13 and Manchester United is what matters most and I won't be losing sleep because we lost a friendly in Bangkok
Eleri lost more than her appetite for her supper that night - she has also been losing sleep ever since the locust looked up at her and shook a leg at her.
I am having quite a lot of trouble with restless legs syndrome and Am losing sleep.