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(MIT) 1. To fail. A program loses when it encounters an exceptional condition or fails to work in the expected manner.

2. To be exceptionally unesthetic or crocky.

3. Of people, to be obnoxious or unusually stupid (as opposed to ignorant).

4. Refers to something that is losing, especially in the phrases "That's a lose!" and "What a lose!"
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Getting into losing ways is just as easy as getting into winning ways.
Little Rock Central finally has the offensive firepower at wide receiver and running back to make some noise in Class 7A-Central and shed its losing ways.
For Moneyslane it was a case of a return to losing ways having won their previous league game 7-0.
Netminder Stevie Lyle was man of the match, but they slipped back into losing ways on the road after that 3-2 win at Edinburgh Capitals last weekend.
Enlisting the team's captain to his side, Mandela challenged Pienaar to turn his team's losing ways around and to bring his players, as any good leader should, to exceed their present expectations.
The losing ways of the Pirates seem destined to continue, no matter who is at the helm on the baseball ops side, as long as the direction from the highest levels within the Pirates organization does not change.
Summary: The US dollar's losing ways continue as the USDCAD trades at a 2009 low.
As Howland sees it, if the Bruins are to turn around their recent losing ways, it will happen with two things he talks most about.
What's more, this allows ample opportunity for negative initiation to snap the seller of steel back into its losing ways.
The Englishman who beat Marco Fu 10-9 in an absorbing fina in Telford last month, fell back into his losing ways as Ding claimed a 6-4 victory to secure his place in the quarter-finals.
Holdings' losing ways continued in the first quarter of 2006.
Despite the Angels' recent losing ways, Chone Figgins has scored a run in nine consecutive games and 13 of the past 15.