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Lout is a batch text formatting system and an embedded language by Jeffrey H. Kingston <jeff@cs.su.oz.au>. The language is procedural, with Scribe-like syntax.

Lout features equation formatting, tables, diagrams, rotation and scaling, sorted indexes, bibliographic databases, running headers and odd-even pages and automatic cross-referencing. Lout is easily extended with definitions which are very much easier to write than troff of TeX macros because Lout is a high-level language, the outcome of an eight-year research project that went back to the beginning.

Version 2.05 includes a translator from Lout to PostScript and documentation. and runs under Unix and on the Amiga.

Author's site, ftp://ftp.uu.net/tmp/lout.tar.Z. Amiga.
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If longer opening hours are going to cause an explosion of drunken loutishness, how come our Continental cousins - who have much more liberal opening laws than we do - lack the worst elements of our moronic lads`n'lager culture?
Readers are, however, left in no doubt who is to blame for the unrelenting loutishness.
Loutishness, drunkenness and vandalism, if unchallenged, can still cause misery to the law-abiding majority.
But I do know that Cardiff most definitely does not, unless culture is measured by quantities of nightclubs, beer consumed (and then urinated into the streets - a Cardiff speciality), loutishness, public vulgarity and accumulated rubbish in the streets.
But Nacro's report argues for a more broad-based approach to the problems of youth gangs, graffiti, noise nuisance and other loutishness.
Wandering round the site ablaze with light and music in the early morning hours, the most notable feature was the almost total absence of drunkenness and loutishness.
In this way, the spontaneous outbursts of loutishness would be banished forever and the Queen Mother would have a fitting epitaph.
I can tell you that Liverpool's black players were bombarded with racist abuse and their fans repeatedly told "You should have died at Hillsborough," which relegates loutishness to a new, unacceptable low.
Stopping drinking would stop the loutishness and prevent litter problems caused by cans and bottles.
It's become a term of abuse, implying loutishness, hooliganism, idiocy, intolerance and inconsideration.
With concern rising at the mayhem on Britain's streets, Mr Blunkett will this week publish his One Year On review of legislation brought in to curb the tide of loutishness.