love bird

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love bird:

see parrotparrot,
common name for members of the order Psittaciformes, comprising nearly 400 species of colorful birds, pantropical in distribution, including the parakeets. Parrots have large heads and short necks, strong feet with two toes in front and two in back (facilitating climbing
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It looks like a foolproof way for the love birds to get some exercise alone.
It is thought the young love birds met in Ibiza over the summer and Kate is said to be 'head-over-heels' in love with the defender, who has something of a troubled reputation.
When she climbed out, the two love birds kept making out in front of everyone before heading inside to have dinner with friends on the indoor patio.
LOVE BIRDS Police in Manchester marked the special occasion by booking the love birds into a pair of neighbouring city centre cells.
He sent her a rose as a token of admiration, after which the relationship progressed into quite a lengthy love story before these two love birds decided to tie the knot
Love birds Stewart and Pattison split after her affair with her married "Snow White and the Huntsman" director Rupert Sanders was revealed.
This gorgeous enamel-coated tin plate features a pretty love birds design in black.
They also found three cats living in the bathroom, six birds, including love birds in various dirty cages, and four chinchillas.
The love birds, of Argyll Street, Stoke, enjoyed their wedding reception at the Holiday Inn, at Junction 2 of the M6, Coventry, on September 17.
Later, the two unofficial love birds flew to London where Bhupathi had business to attend.
Chocolates and champagne on board the heart-decorated bus were left untouched on the most romantic day of the year after the idea failed to inspire love birds in Wrexham.
Dr Mark Avery, director of conservation at the RSPB said: "People love birds and notice when they start to disappear from fields and hedgerows.