lowest qualified bidder

lowest responsible bidder, lowest qualified bidder

The bidder who submits the lowest bona fide bid and is considered to be fully responsible and qualified to perform the work, 1 for which the bid is submitted. In the case of private construction contracts, the decision as to the bidder’s responsibility and qualification usually is made by the owner and the architect. In public contracts, a decision disqualifying a low bidder may have to be made on a reasonable basis rather than an arbitrary one.
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The bid will be awarded in-whole to the lowest qualified bidder.
s asked the Highway Department to toss the contract with Razorclean and award it to the lowest qualified bidder, which was 0.
After financial evaluation, the USF Auction Committee scrutinizes these bids to determine lowest technically qualified bidder and after such determination the matter is again presented to the USF Board of Directors and contract is awarded to the lowest qualified bidder, after Board's approval.
We were the lowest qualified bidder for this project," said Valloor.
With the BidVantage click-and-mortar model, product quality is assured and the lowest qualified bidder is always guaranteed the sale.
of San Luis Obispo, which submitted the $305,000 proposal, was the lowest qualified bidder of six companies.
Rhian further commented, "As previously reported in AMAC's 10-Q, on August 13, 2007, AMAC was notified that one of the bidders has filed an Article 78 proceeding seeking a reversal of HRA's determination that AMAC was the lowest qualified bidder.
Washoe County reserves the right to award this Invitation to Bid based on the overall lowest qualified bidder or bidders and best possible service source.
All the bids will be evaluated, and the project will go to the lowest qualified bidder, Morefield said.
The long process of mutual agreement and negotiation contrasts sharply with the typical public works procedure in which the government designs a project and then awards the contract to the lowest qualified bidder.
Districts are bound by law to go with the lowest qualified bidder on a project," Lovelady says.

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