lowest tender

lowest responsive bid

The lowest bid which is responsive to and complies with the bidding requirements.
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Malcolm Chester thinks: "Whilst I feel sorry for Dafydd in the loss of the contract, public service has to get value for money and therefore those who put in the lowest tender should get the contract.
The Ministry in overseeing the system in Nairobi, usually awards to a firm that submits the lowest tender to import either Murban crude oil or refined petrol, jet A-1 and diesel on behalf of other marketers.
But the contract was awarded to a firm that had the fourth lowest tender price at pounds 150,378.
The Director of Highway and Engineering Services,DaveGreen, said an urgent decision was needed on tenders received for Phase Two of the road improvement scheme and recommended acceptance of the lowest tender.
But now householders have learned there will be another delay after the lowest tender received from contractors has come in at pounds 58,000.
When you're talking a $15-million project, you better have a good reason not to go with the lowest tender," Martin says.
It is believed the lowest tender price was pounds 387 per person per week.
The lowest tender was accepted and outside cleaning firms were brought in.
Council officials are now talking to the company who put in the second lowest tender who remained interested in going ahead with the work.
Otherwise only lot 1 will be awarded to the lowest tender.
2) the technically and commercially lowest tender will be considered for awarding the contract, if the quoted price is found to be reasonable.
Pressure on local authorities to accept the lowest tenders has created a pool of older vehicles which are used to fulfil schools contracts at bargain prices.
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