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Line printer. The Unix print command. This does not actually print files but rather copies (or links) them to a spool area from where a daemon copies them to the printer.


(1) (Line PRinter) A Unix print command. See Unix commands.

(2) A printer protocol. See LPR/LPD.
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LPR is usually diagnosed on the basis of a combination of suggestive symptoms and findings on laryngeal examination.
Initially designed for use in parking lots (to record the time a vehicle entered), for access control (allowing authorized vehicles into a secure area), and for paying tolls, LPR technology recently has expanded into the realms of border control, identification of stolen vehicles, and traffic-fine enforcement (e.
The agreement, which represents almost a third of Kimberly-Clark's UK pallet business, will double LPR's UK pool to a million pallets and give other top brands the confidence to switch from market leader Chep, said LPR UK general manager Jane Gorick.
Homicide detectives learned that Vigilant Solutions maintains a national, commercial LPR database that is made available for law enforcement use.
No civilians or people's militiamen have been injured," LPR militia added.
The LPR was formed in the aftermath of the January 2011 uprising, supposedly to safeguard the revolution.
com)-- Connect and Leadership Point Radio Partner to Bring Enhanced Interviews to LPR
today announces its merger with Texas based LPR software specialist Intelligent Vision Systems Inc.
In recent years, many otolaryngologists have acknowledged the existence and potential importance of LPR in patients with otolaryngologic complaints, (1) although the association between acid reflux and laryngeal abnormalities has been recognized for more than 4 decades.
STAGE Results: 1 Boason Hagen, Edval Team Columbia 3h46'23", 2 Goss, Matthew Team CSC - Saxo Bank @04", 3 Di Luca, Danilo LPR Brakes - Ballan @07", 4 Pena, Victor Hugo Rock Racing @11", 5 Dean, Julian Garmin - Chipotle @ s/t, 6 Bellis, Jonathan Team CSC - Saxo Bank @ s/t, 7 Swift, Ben Great Britain @ s/t, 8 Hammond, Roger Team Columbia @ s/t, 9 Bosisio, Gabriele LPR Brakes - Ballan @ s/t, 10 Downing, Russell Pinarello RT - Candi TV @ s/t, 11 Meyer, Travis SouthAustralia.
But these subtle findings do not correlate well with actual laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR), and there's no dose-response curve in which increasing amounts of erythema and edema correspond with increasing likelihood of LPR, noted Dr.
In the red corner is Gallic pretender LPR (Le Pallet Rouge), the new kid on the block, with just over a year's experience in the UK, just 250,000 red pallets and a somewhat thinner contacts book.