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Line printer. The Unix print command. This does not actually print files but rather copies (or links) them to a spool area from where a daemon copies them to the printer.


(1) (Line PRinter) A Unix print command. See Unix commands.

(2) A printer protocol. See LPR/LPD.
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An LPR filter is a piece of glass coated with multiple layers of various substances.
OSI will provide its LPR solution powered by Enfusion to monitor on-the-ground operations, leveraging video analytics for pre-emptive measures for early warning alerts for Keppel FELS, a leader in design, building and repair of high-performance mobile offshore rigs.
A report by Heman-Ackah et al described 2 cases of an inferior glottic ridge impairing glottic closure; the 2 patients also had poorly controlled LPR.
sup][4],[7] LPR was believed to be extraesophageal manifestations of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD),[sup][8] causing hoarseness, globus, dysphagia, cough/throat clearing, and excessive throat mucus.
The counsel argued that according to service rules and Esta code, an official while on LPR can be promoted but not after retirement.
R&R became Europe's largest private label manufacturer of ice creams and lollies after the acquisition of Fredericks Diaries in July 2013 and appointed LPR to deliver pallets across three UK sites.
But the LPR has been accused of resorting to violence to intimidate critics, and of serving as a militia with links to the main Islamist movement Ennahda, which handed over power in late January to a government of technocrats.
The deal combines RoadPixel's RoadWolf LPR camera range with a mature recognition engine, while bringing also the application and cloud-based software needed to provide comprehensive solutions, RoadPixel Europe's CEO Frank Thomson added.
Released in partnership with MAV Systems Ltd, the Autoscope Pn-120 uses high-grade zoom camera technology as part of an even more comprehensive range of LPR solutions for Image Sensing Systems' customers.
com), the leader in LPR data and collections and recovery solutions wants lenders to recover assets more efficiently by getting the data they need to find assets earlier in the process.
The Reference P716 LPR, which costs from around PS51,000, is a fixed double-bed motorhome based on a Fiat Ducato X2/50 with a choice of Multijet engines in 130, 148 or 177bhp forms.