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Pol. Łuck, city (1989 pop. 198,000), capital of Volyn region (see Volhynia), Ukraine, a port on the Styr River. Its industries produce scientific instruments, food products, and textiles.
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, Ukraine.
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And have you never known the pleasure and triumph of a lucky guess?
That night we covered nearly five-and-twenty miles; but, needless to say, found no more water, though we were lucky enough the following day to get a little shade behind some ant-heaps.
All the fleeing strength of his body gathered itself together for the lightning lucky punch.
I think she was mighty lucky to git it to pay the interest with, but she's probably like all the Randalls; it was easy come, easy go, with them.
It's lucky he couldn't get fur into the church and had to stand back by the door, for as it was, he made a spectacle of himself.
Bryce and Keating were there, as Dunstan was quite sure they would be--he was such a lucky fellow.
Lucky has many strong-willed women in her life, the first being her mother, Amma, who embodies every cultural and social convention Lucky so vehemently defies.
The match was started on fast tempo and Shah Said club jolted rival Lucky Stars club by taking an early lead through Jehnazeb on the field attempt.
They carried no banners nor did anything to make a scene-all they did was to try to sneak a peek each time the conference room doors were opened to let members of the media in for their one-on-one interviews with Lucky Blue.
Lucky, a Patterdale terrier-type, made the front page of the Examiner back in 2009 after being buried alive in the woods.
First Lucky Draw 40 pairs of THAI Royal Silk Class air tickets will be given away.
Lucky was eager to meet them and show them he was a star puppy with expression