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1. the hiding place or lair of an animal
2. Golf
a. the position of the ball after a shot
b. the angle made by the shaft of the club before the upswing


Trygve Halvdan . 1896--1968, Norwegian statesman; first secretary-general of the United Nations (1946--52)


A symbolic mathematics package aimed at Lie groups.

["LiE, a Package for Lie Group Computations", M.A.A. van Leeuwen et al, in Computer Algebra Nederland, 1992 (ISBN 90-741160-02-7)].
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Police are keeping open all options but believe that there's a strong possibility that Karim could be lying low in Coventry.
WITH Independent Counsel Ken Starr still chasing shadows in Washington and Los Angeles County District Attorney Gil Garcetti lying low, there is only one person in town with the gumption to investigate the Belmont Learning Center scandals.
He said: "I'm lying low and getting in about 15 bags of Polish coal, six bags of slack and 42 bags of ash blocks.
The redhead, lying low since her band Garbage split in September, helped induct Blondie at the 21st annual ceremony.
Dundon gang members were lying low last night and it is expected gardai will make a number of arrests in the coming days.
It had been thought that bin Laden was lying low in a mountain retreat about 100 miles from the city of Kandahar - power base of his Taliban allies.
Gang members in Pacoima have been lying low in the past two weeks, but the lull in gang violence may be deceiving, said Tompkins, a four-year CRASH veteran who speaks with a slight Boston accent and knows many of the local gang members by face or moniker, if not always by given name.
However, I suspect they're lying low and too embarrassed to speak out, following the revelation that recent figures issued by the Royal College of Physicians concerning how much alcohol it's safe for us to drink were total fiction and "plucked out of the air".
Now that Nancy Dell'Olio is lying low football needs another mad woman to take the p*** out of.
Speculation at Westminster centred on the intentions of Ruislip Northwood MP John Wilkinson, who was lying low yesterday.
With federal regulators still studying new rules to curb underage smoking, you might think the controversial cartoon pitchman Joe Camel would be lying low for a while.
A MYSTERY Lotto millionaire was lying low last night.