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, Roman plebeian gens, of which several men were noteworthy. Caius Licinius Calvus Stolo, fl. 375 B.C., was tribune of the people with Lucius Sextius. Roman historians attributed to him a number of laws, but most of these were probably made at later dates.
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, Roman gens.
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Unfortunately, when we look at the discussions of mugwortag or moderwort in Lelamour, in the Middle English Macer or in the Latin Macer, there seems to be no correspondence to the Thornton fragment However, there are correspondences between it and the discussion of a different herb with a somewhat similar name -- medewort, meadow-sweet-in the Lelamour herbal, and one which is not in the Macer herbal.
meaning Contact: Tim Macer, Managing Director, tim.
LOVE IS IN THE AIR: Barbara and Brian Macer, above, and Claire and Martyn Cooper-Jones.
June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- In his latest Research magazine article "Key Survey reviewed" (Issue 515, April 2009), Tim Macer found Key Survey flexible, sophisticated and competitively priced for the high-end of the market's middle-ground.
Richard Macer was filming a documentary at JT Morgan in Swansea when news of the 89-year-old store's fate was revealed to the workforce.
WITH independent stores under more threat, director Richard Macer rattles the rails of three of them, starting in the village of Leyburn in the Yorkshire Dales.
The court macer, who suffered facial injuries, was later praised for his actions by trial judge Lord Hardie.
Richard Macer explores the phenomenon, and asks whether it is a cry for attention or an attempt to give their lives some meaning.
Dark'n Sharp landed a gamble and his first victory for three and a half years when taking the Betfred Macer Gifford Memorial Handicap Chase.
At Huntingdon it may pay to side with Red Blazer in the pounds 12,000 Macer Gifford Memorial Handicap Chase.
This week, I thought another serious documentary-maker, Richard Macer, had been taken over by Roy Mallard from spoof programme People Like Us.
Stephen Brown took Paul Hague, John Armitage and Keith Brown out on Macer G.