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(chemical engineering)
The process of extracting fragrant oils from flower petals by immersing them in hot molten fat.
(science and technology)
The process of softening or wearing away a material by wetting it or steeping it in a liquid.



separation of plant or animal cells in the tissues. Natural maceration is the result of the dissolving of the intercellular substance. In plants maceration occurs in the flesh of ripening fruits (for example, privet, some varieties of apple, watermelons, and bananas), sometimes only after frosts (for example, in the fruits of medlar and sweetbrier), and also when separation layers form in leaf petioles (before leaf fall) and in fruit stems (before fruit fall). During anatomic research maceration is produced by treating sections or pieces of wood, leaves, roots, and the like with chromic acid or hot ammonia solution. Maceration is used in processing flax, manufacturing paper from wood, and other processes.

Maceration of animal tissues occurs when they are in contact with water for a long time. It is used in preparing skeletons and histological specimens by treating dead bodies or individual tissues with water, alkaline solutions, acid solutions, and other substances.

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To shed light on how pectin affects color stability after enzymatic pulp maceration, the researchers studied the composition of pectin by isolating and fractionating the alcohol-insoluble residue from the strawberry purees.
Antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects and acute toxicity of aqueous infusion and ethanolic maceration extracts of the aerial parts of Zhumeria majdae were studied in mice and rats.
In 2012, Belvedere introduced Lemon Tea to its award-winning Maceration collection (Pink Grapefruit, Citrus, Orange, Black Raspberry, Bloody Mary).
The famed herbal liqueur, which features natural ingredients including cinnamon, star anise, ginger and cardamom, gets its full-bodied flavor from a four-stage cold maceration process applied over several weeks to extract aromatic compounds from a closely guarded recipe of 56 of the finest exotic herbs, roots, blossoms and fruits, plus aging in oak casks for one year.
Our proposed innovation allows completing the grape maceration process in 6 hours while current systems take approximately 4 days, with 30 times less energy and the ability to process triple amount of grape.
Strachen, The Pathology of Foetal Maceration, 2 BRIT.
employs a novel system that relies on dehydration and maceration to convert human waste into a powdered ash.
Certain complications of the VAC technique are documented, such as overgrowth of granulation tissue into the sponge with bleeding at dressing change, recurrent infections and maceration of adjacent skin.
This stage should not be used to describe skin tears, tape burns, perineal sermatitis, maceration or denudement.
Campari, an Italian red bitters whose formula for maceration of 60 ingredients in distilled water and alcohol is a closely guarded secret, and Lillet, an herbed aperitif wine in either white or red from Bordeaux, also are popular in Europe, as well as among the few here who prefer an aperitif.
The author described the tracheary elements under LM and SEM employing both techniques of maceration and sectioning.
Les Roches Noires, La Cave de Roquebrun, St Chinian 2004, is made from a typical blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mouvedre using carbonic maceration (where bunches of grapes are fermented whole rather than being crushed) to preserve fruit flavours and softer tannins.