machinery room

mechanical equipment room, machinery room

A room containing a permanently installed refrigeration or air-conditioning system, or major parts thereof.
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Contract awarded for National central youth training center restaurant machinery room (architecture, Machinery equipment) restoration work
Both the International Mechanical Code (7) and ASHRAE Standard 155 state that fuel-burning appliances and equipment having open flames that use combustion air from the machinery room shall not be installed in the same room with refrigerant-based equipment including chillers.
The US 7th Fleet said the collision damaged two berthing spaces, a machinery room and the ships radio room.
A machinery room and the radio room in the 10,000-ton destroyer were damaged.
Saturday, and that one machinery room and two berthing areas for 116 crew members were severely damaged.
fr) for backstage guided tours of Parisian monuments--go backstage at Opera Garnier; step into the machinery room of Eiffel Tower to see how the hydraulics work.
In addition to the HVAC system, the Owner awarded additional work to Air 1 Heating consisting of heating and cooling their elevator machinery room, and the kitchen hood and exhaust work as well.
Our process began to break down in early August, when an onsite calibration for a pressure switch was scheduled in main machinery room No.
Earlier, the Tubataha Reefs National Park (TRNP) reported that two sections of the USS Guardian, comprising the bow section and Auxiliary Machinery Room (AMR), were lifted off the reef on March 26 and 27.
The dosed water will be distributed to intakes serving fire fighting pumps and ballast water pumps, plus machinery room and pump room seachests.
The mechanical ventilation required to exhaust an accumulation of refrigerant due to leaks of a rupture of the system will be capable or removing air from the machinery room in not less than the following quantity:
47% of units surveyed did not have the NAVSEA approved hanging dry bulb thermometers (NSN 6685-00-243-9964) permanently hanging at all key watch and work stations (in the engine room, galley/scullery, and machinery room with the diesel) where heat stress conditions may exist because a thermometer was removed by someone or the wrong type of thermometer was mounted.

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