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see catfishcatfish,
common name applied to members of the fish families constituting the order Siluriformes, found in fresh and coastal waters. Catfish are named for the barbels ("whiskers") around their mouths and have scaleless skins, fleshy, rayless posterior fins, and sharp defensive
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Several other species are restricted to shallow, upstream tributaries: black madtom (Noturus funebris), speckled madtom (N.
More recently, our laboratory research demonstrated relationships between light, temperature, and flow and Neosho madtom reproductive behavior, including how Neosho madtom select nesting sites (Wildhaber 2006).
The freckled madtom may also be found among root masses and undercut banks, as well as discarded bottles, cans, and other foreign debris (Burr and Mayden, 1982).
Glochidia doubled or tripled in size while attached to yellow and black bullheads, slender madtom, and flathead catfish.
Other species occurring in the Wabash River drainage that are classified as special concern include, northern madtom (Noturus stigmosus), spotted darter (Etheostoma maculatum), tippecanoe darter (E.
Although captive spawning technology for the madtoms still eludes us, approximately 1,500 smoky and 500 yellowfin madtom young that were reared from eggs and fry collected in Citico Creek have been released into Abrams Creek.
punctatus (Rafinesque), I channel catfish Norturus eleutherus Jordan, W, C mountain madtom N.
Surprisingly, the brindled madtom (Noturus miurus) was not taken although it occurs in the rocky streams of this area.
This technique was very effective in collecting darter and madtom species from rocky run and riffle stretches of the Wabash and Tippecanoe Rivers, which could not be adequately sampled using more conventional methods.
Shelford documented 12 species of fish during 1909, including species such as blacknose shiner, lake chubsucker, northern pike, redhorse, and tadpole madtom (Table 2).
the bluegill and largemouth bass; respectively, Figures 81 and 83) are introduced, and along with the pumpkinseed and tadpole madtom (respectively, Figures 79 and 48), are apparently somewhat limited in distribution.
Parmley D and Hall J: Observations on the habitat requirements of the tadpole madtom (Noturus gyrinus) in central Georgia.