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So far, the only similar major breach of the infamous "omerta" or mafia code of silence had taken place in January in Corleone, which is considered the Sicilian mafia's heartland.
A UN estimate placed the joint yearly turnover if the three main Mafia in Italy - the Cosa Nostra of Italy, 'Ndrangheta in Calabria and the Camorra from Naples - at E116 billion.
Subsequently, action by government departments controlled the activities of mafia to some extent, however they were smart enough to find some novel ways, he said.
Albuquerque said, 'There is mafia in tourism everywhere.
Every one of the several, fragmented, ill-organized Mafia families spread across the nation worked together to fulfil that demand for enormous profits.
Even though Varese's argument deals well with conventional mafia structures, none of the examples provided deal with the modern use of technology and cybercriminal groups.
Larry Sharp, a member of the Mafia, answered the question clearly: "When we were trying to come up with a big event to hold, something like the other clubs who have big events, we wanted to start somewhere that wasn't just for bears, but everyone.
Giacomo Di Girolamo, author of The Invisible, a book on the mobster, says: "Denaro is a modern Mafia boss, the opposite of the traditional image of the Godfather.
MAFIA blends an examination of myth and history with photos and color illustrations from movies, posters, ads and popular media to provide a compelling examination of Mafia personalities and images.
After providing a chronological (decade by decade) of the history of the Mafia in America, author Fien Meynendonckx goes on to address 'Gangster Talk' and the stereotype of the gangster.
Coin Pusher Mafia' is a coin pusher game with the theme of mafia wars.
All Sorrentino's films reflect his political engagement dealing with topical social problems such as drug, usury, corruption, and the Mafia.