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But if you were looking for quality, for that rare and rewarding frisson that only the exceptional can provide, then Alamshar provided it in spades, illuminating the Ascot gloom like a magnesium flare.
THE scene is one of flames, firefighters, choking smoke and an injured man lying face down on the ground having been hit on the back of the neck by a white-hot magnesium flare.
Through a haze of pain, Airman Levitow saw a burning Mark 24 magnesium flare rolling free within the fuselage near five ammunition.
He places it on the ground and yells "Cover"--the tube fires a softball-sized round object up several hundred feet--the mob should be able to see it or hear the detonation; the ball is a superpowerful magnesium flare.
Suffering from more than 40 shrapnel wounds in his back and legs caused by a mortar blast, he saw a smoking magnesium flare amid a jumble of spilled ammunition canisters.
The guide lights up each of these spectacular sights with a magnesium flare, making the ice glow and shadows flicker on the monstrous cavern walls.
Documented by way of photographs and maps, Polarities, 1972, involved the artist re-creating his daughter's first and his father's last drawings writ large across the ground in red magnesium flares.
His home-made magnesium flares went off first, almost blinding the crowd outside, and scattering them.
Other products include magnesium flares that produce blinding lights in the sky, while it also has a division that provides the commercial shipping sector with products such as rescue lights and radio beacons.