magnesium oxide

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magnesium oxide:

see magnesiamagnesia,
common name for the chemical compound magnesium oxide, MgO. It occurs as colorless, cubic crystals. It is refractory, melting at about 2,800°C;. It is very slightly soluble in pure water but is soluble in acids and solutions of ammonium salts.
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Magnesium Oxide


MgO, colorless crystals. Density, 3.58 g/cm3; melting point, 2800°C; boiling point, 3600°C. Magnesium oxide exhibits marked volatility at 2000°C. It is poorly soluble in water (6.2 ×10-4 g per 100 g H2O at 20°C). In the microcrystalline state (fine white powder), amorphous MgO absorbs water vapor and CO2 from the air to form Mg(OH)2 and MgCO3; it reacts readily with acids. Strongly calcined magnesium oxide loses its ability to combine with water and dissolve in acids.

Magnesium oxide occurs naturally as the rare mineral periclase. It is prepared industrially by calcination of magnesite and dolomite, as well as by the thermal dissociation of magnesium sulfate and basic magnesium carbonate, 3MgCO3.Mg(OH)2.3H2O. The properties of the commercial product, calcined magnesia, depend on the conditions of preparation, and the grades of the product are differentiated by apparent density (lightness), sorption, and chemical activity. Heavy magnesium oxides are used in the manufacture of refractories; lighter oxides are used in the preparation of magnesia cements and construction materials; and the lightest oxides are used to refine petroleum products and as fillers in the rubber industry. In medicine, magnesium oxide is prescribed for internal use as an alkali to counteract increased gastric acidity, and in cases of acid poisoning it has a mild laxative effect.

magnesium oxide

[mag′nē·zē·əm ′äk‚sīd]
(inorganic chemistry)
MgO A white powder that (depending on the method of preparation) may be light and fluffy, or dense; melting point 2800°C; insoluble in acids, slightly soluble in water; used in making refractories, and in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, insulation, and medicine.
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If properly stored, the captured CO2 pumped underground forms carbonate minerals with the surrounding rock by reacting with nanoparticles of magnesium oxide and other mineral oxides.
If the molten aluminum is held at elevated temperatures for long periods of time, the reaction of aluminum oxide and magnesium oxide will occur, resulting in the formation of magnesium aluminate spinels (Mg[Al.
Magnesium oxide is used in two forms: Caustic magnesium oxide, typically combined with animal feed given to cattle and sheep, and dead-burned magnesium oxide, which is blended with fertilizers to increase nutrients in farming soil.
Also, the propane-producing reaction was 10 times faster on aluminum oxide than on magnesium oxide, another indication that these carriers aren't so inert.
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While some metallographers use a 1-[[micro]meter] diamond paste on a nylon cloth for the next step, most use an aqueous 1-[[micro]meter] magnesium oxide (MgO) slurry on a high-nap wool broadcloth.
Magnesium oxide and other compounds also are used in agricultural, chemical and construction industries.
Maximum compaction of magnesium oxide around the coil is said to provide superior heat conduction to the outer sheath.
Then as MgS and magnesium oxide (MgO) builds up on the side walls and bottom of the furnace, the treated iron ceases to contact the refractory lining and, instead, contacts the buildup on the lining.
Its fibers have a hollow, "jelly-roll' structure" of chemically bound sheets of magnesium oxide and silicon oxide, explains foam project manager David F.
LONDON -- In 2008, Magnesium oxide manufacturers, one after another, announced plans on the production volume growth, new plants construction, diversification, as well as the output resumption of earlier produced MgO grades.
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