magnetic core

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magnetic core:

see computercomputer,
device capable of performing a series of arithmetic or logical operations. A computer is distinguished from a calculating machine, such as an electronic calculator, by being able to store a computer program (so that it can repeat its operations and make logical
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magnetic core

[mag′ned·ik ′kȯr]
Also known as core.
A configuration of magnetic material, usually a mixture of iron oxide or ferrite particles mixed with a binding agent and formed into a tiny doughnutlike shape, that is placed in a spatial relationship to current-carrying conductors, and is used to maintain a magnetic polarization for the purpose of storing data, or for its nonlinear properties as a logic element. Also known as memory core.
A quantity of ferrous material placed in a coil or transformer to provide a better path than air for magnetic flux, thereby increasing the inductance of the coil and increasing the coupling between the windings of a transformer.


core, 6
1. The center of a plywood or crossbanded construction; it may consist of lumber (solid or glued) or particleboard; serves as a base for veneer.
2. The internal structure in a hollow-core door.
3. The wood chips cut from a mortise.
4. The metal bar to which a handrail is attached.
5. The internal structure which serves as a base for complex plasterwork.
6. The molded open space in a concrete masonry unit.
7. The filling within a thick hollow stone wall.
8. The filling between a lintel and relieving arches.
9. A cylindrical sample of hardened concrete or rock obtained by means of a core barrel and drill.
10. A part of a multistory building, containing a variety of service and utility functions, as elevators, stairwells, etc.
11. That part of a magnetic circuit (usually steel or iron laminations) about which are wound coils in electromagnetic devices such as transformers, solenoids, relays, etc.; a magnetic core.
12. (Brit.) The conductor of a cable with its insulation, but not including any outer protective covering.
13. That portion of a grille, 2 contained within the frame.
14. Of gypsum board, the hardened material filling the space between a face paper and a back paper; consists primarily of gypsum with additives.
15. (British) Same as blockout.
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This is because the magnetic core materials saturates when [f.
2), h is the distance between the central lines of the upper and lower parts of the magnetic core (see Fig.
In order to accommodate 50 Hz operation, the transformer must employ a magnetic core material that can handle the added flux lines.
It is located inside the autotransformer magnetic core vertical branches on which the A, B, C phase windings are mounted.
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