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1997), Classification and mean behaviour of magnetic storms, Journal of Geophysical Research, A 102, 14209-14213.
However, the occurrence of ionospheric weather in the tropics is usually suppressed by solar and magnetic storms.
During the periods of sharp GMF outbursts- called magnetic storms, the polynuclear cells, large cells with large nuclei and giant cells with giant nuclei appear among the regular meristematic cells.
The music--which imitates the solar wind, magnetic storms, and melancholy earth sounds--came from Norwegian composer Oystein Sevag and was played by that country's Global House Band 2001.
The currents are produced when shocks resulting from sudden and severe magnetic storms subject portions of the Earth's surface to fluctuations in the planet's normally stable magnetic field.
Akasofu himself has spent his entire career at the institute researching and publishing books on the auroras and the physics of magnetic storms.
On April 6 there was a minor magnetic storm which started in the morning but which had subsided by midday on April 7.
The Canadian city of Quebec was blacked out in March 1989 by a power surge caused by a magnetic storm.
At Hexham, Magnetic Storm, from the Chris Grant stable, looks interesting in the LCL Pils Novices' Handicap Hurdle (2.
By detecting the solar flare as it begins, scientists could provide more than two days' notice that a disruptive magnetic storm might be on the way.
On Thursday night, the lights of the Aurora Borealis lit up skies as far south as Gloucestershire, Essex and Norfolk, the result of a strong magnetic storm.
Incidentally, but very importantly, it is difficult to see how the whole world can survive when the next really big solar magnetic storm occurs.