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large, swift game fish, Coryphaena hippurus, also called dorado. It is of nearly worldwide distribution in warm waters. Its long, slender body is blue, and in the living animal there are luminous shades of gold, green, and purple.
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Mahi-mahi are a blast to catch and often times the first pelagic fish for most people.
That pumpkin-seeded crust on my mahi-mahi was a good touch, I thought, just a slight nod by the chef to the Americanism of the occasion, and not enough to make me fearful of losing my credentials as a card-carrying contrarian.
For example, the swordfish and Mahi-Mahi come with a choice of Citrus Artichoke Cream or Lemon Caper Butter.
50) is fabulous -- mahi-mahi served in double-thick corn tortillas that have been browned on the grill, with two kinds of cabbage and a chile-infused mayo sauce.
Here at the Curry House, both the mahi-mahi vindaloo ($9.
Rubio's(R) success was built on the "Original Fish Taco" and has grown to include a variety of craveable, grilled foods featuring Mahi-Mahi, shrimp, Langostino lobster, all white meat chicken, and lean carne asada (steak), slow-roasted carnitas (pork), fresh-made guacamole, and our famous salsas.
On the fresh-catch list, that left us only with Hawaii's familiar mahi-mahi, though rarely had it tasted this good, roasted and served with carrots, beets and turnips.
Rubio's also features a delicious seafood line, including lobster, shrimp, Mahi-Mahi, and the world famous fish taco.
You get to choose your fish (halibut, mahi-mahi, orange roughy, red snapper, salmon), how it's cooked (grilled, char-broiled, sauteed or fried) and how it's sauced (avocado, chile negro, Juliana's mole, pico de gallo, rajas y crema, ranchero, spinach, tomatillo) at the new Sancho's in Bel-Air.
The grown-ups choose from Santa Maria-style barbecued tri-tip, blackened filet of mahi-mahi or rotisseried Yucatan chicken.
95) fits the bill as much as anything, with moist pieces in a similar-looking but obviously much milder rendition than the mahi-mahi vindaloo dish.
Or was it the mahi-mahi with braised bok choy, shiitake mushrooms and corn timabale?