mahonia aquifolium

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oregon grape

oregon grape

Not a grape, but a powdery purplish-black colored blue berry that clusters like grape, with shiny holly-like leaves and clusters of bright yellow bell-shaped edible flowers. Edible berries are quite tart with large seeds. The roots have the strongest medicinal strength. Contains alkaloid berberine, which is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial to treat infections. Has a direct action on the skin when applied topically. Good for gums. Over 80% effective in relieving psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, dandruff, acne and dry scaly skin. Alkaloids extracted from the root and bark have strong anti-microbial, anti-tumor and antifungal properties, and are potent antioxidants which neutralize skin damaging free radicals. Also used for prostate, blood cleanser, kidney, liver, gallbladder, diuretic, laxative. Do not take while pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not take with licorice which cancels-out the berberine effectiveness. Inner bark and roots bright yellow and used as yellow dye. Flowers used to make lemonade-type drink.
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Lipoxygenase inhibition and antioxidant properties of bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloids isolated from Mahonia aquifolium.
Mahonias come in a variety of different sizes and shapes: for a tall imposing shrub go for mahonia 'Lionel Fortescue', well worth growing for the name itself and for a smaller, more delicate plant try mahonia aquifolium.
It was Mahonia aquifolium, not the most spectacular species but nonetheless welcome and grew steadily to optimum size - around 1.
He shows me a garrya eliptica and its hanging catkins, tiny pale blue vinca major and minor, the flowering mahonia aquifolium and cherry laurels, with their distinct candle-shaped buds.
For more lasting effects there's Oregon grape or Mahonia aquifolium Atropurpureum, an evergreen shrub whose bright green leaves turn red-purple.
This new alternative to traditional treatments of harsh chemicals and steroids utilizes the Mahonia Aquifolium plant extract.