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1. Horse racing
a. a horse that has never won a race
b. (as modifier): a maiden race
2. Cricket See maiden over


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The Triple Goddess is viewed as Maiden, Mother, Crone. In the Maiden aspect, she is considered a virgin, representing youth and innocence, with potential for growth and learning. She is allied with the waxing Moon. As Janet and Stewart Farrar say, "She is the adventurous young flame that banishes indifference and leapfrogs obstacles. . . .She is springtime. . . she is excitement."

Maiden is also the title given to a young Wiccan Priestess who is training to become a coven leader. In a degree system she would be Second Degree, training to eventually take over the position of High Priestess when that lady feels it is time to retire. In this respect, the Gardnerian tradition is criticized for its chauvinism in demanding that a High Priestess retire when she is no longer young and beautiful. The Priestess is a representative of the Goddess, but the Goddess is in three aspects, including the Crone, so many feel that there should be no such pressure. In fact, most women in the position of Maiden are simply training for when they will eventually break away from the mother coven and form their own coven, as a High Priestess in their own right. In family traditions of Witchcraft, the Maiden is usually the daughter of the Priestess.

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Is This Man a Menace to British Maidenhood, it thundered, an evil influence persuading the nation's teenagers to leave their inhibitions at home.
His valedictory remark to her maidenhood makes this clear: "You're a woman now.
However, because this scene takes place on convent grounds (Barabas stands outside the convent while Abigail is within) the spiritual worth associated with virginity in the Catholic Church collides with the materiality exhibited by Barabas's exploitation of his daughter's maidenhood.
Love, murder, and death figure prominently in these ballads, which include a song about a young women who gives her maidenhood to her first love, only to be driven to suicide when he cheats on her; and songs where the title character is sentenced to death by hanging for committing a capital crime.
Macardle was 54 years old then, strategically between maidenhood and old age.
Hospital records demonstrate the difficulty of effectively constructing an image of maidenhood so dependent on the interpretive goodwill of others.
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whether her maidenhood had been broken after her first, brief marriage.
There is much discussion of the Spanish princess's body and we see how history played out on the female form with discussions surrounding whether her maidenhood had been broken after her first, brief marriage.
She is virtual but not virtuous in the sense of innocent maidenhood.
Immediately after the dream, she rejects the idea of marriage with Jason and asserts her maidenhood as she considers that the visit of the Argonauts may result in some great misfortune.