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1. Horse racing
a. a horse that has never won a race
b. (as modifier): a maiden race
2. Cricket See maiden over


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The Triple Goddess is viewed as Maiden, Mother, Crone. In the Maiden aspect, she is considered a virgin, representing youth and innocence, with potential for growth and learning. She is allied with the waxing Moon. As Janet and Stewart Farrar say, "She is the adventurous young flame that banishes indifference and leapfrogs obstacles. . . .She is springtime. . . she is excitement."

Maiden is also the title given to a young Wiccan Priestess who is training to become a coven leader. In a degree system she would be Second Degree, training to eventually take over the position of High Priestess when that lady feels it is time to retire. In this respect, the Gardnerian tradition is criticized for its chauvinism in demanding that a High Priestess retire when she is no longer young and beautiful. The Priestess is a representative of the Goddess, but the Goddess is in three aspects, including the Crone, so many feel that there should be no such pressure. In fact, most women in the position of Maiden are simply training for when they will eventually break away from the mother coven and form their own coven, as a High Priestess in their own right. In family traditions of Witchcraft, the Maiden is usually the daughter of the Priestess.

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The birches with their white maidenly stems and honey yellow leaves shone against the dark conifers.
For reference to the statue of Cleopatra, 'a grand, calm head of Milton' and 'the statue of a beautiful youth, a pearl-fisher,' see especially Chapter XIII, 'A Sculptor's Studio,' 117; Chapter XIV, 'Cleopatra'; Chapter XLI, 'Snow-Drops and Maidenly Delights,' 377-378.
Charity compares the dismal place to the "freshness, purity and fragrance" of Miss Hatchard's maidenly home and the cleanliness and decor of Royall's house "that now seemed the very symbol of household order" (110) and Anglo-Saxon racial security, registering the difference in character, social standing, and race between Royall or Miss Hatchard and the uncultivated Mountain folk.
THE mud in the gardens was almost warm on that glad-handing morning before Christmas when the ground should have been frosted and hard, waiting with maidenly patience for the sky to fill with snow.
Alcott alters the matriarchal character (Madame Tempest of A Long Fatal Love Chase, Margaret of "The Freak of a Genius") into the "seasoned" woman Olivia, who loves Jasper and vows to serve his goals until the maidenly Gladys becomes pregnant and Olivia repents.
And while their postures are self-confident or maidenly shy, stubborn or devoted, the spectator also believes to perceive a kind of relationship to the artist herself that goes beyond her creatorship.
Watching him eat, Phoebe looks away, as if the sight reveals unchaste desire, unsuitable for maidenly eyes, as she will blushingly avoid the Judge's "look" in the very next chapter.
Tahira Jatti's espousal of norms for proper maidenly conduct did at first appear at odds with the relatively "modem" context of her life as well as her deviance from gender norms.
in maidenly gentleness Had this tail any prehensile power, I should straightway bethink me of Darmonodes' elephant that so frequented the flower-market, and with low salutations presented nosegays to damsels, and then caressed their zones.
His own provocative paper asserted that Juliet was 'a girl destitute of all maidenly modesty [.
Euphues was a change from the chivalric romance of dangers, heroic hardships, and maidenly misfortune and fidelity.