mail chute

mail chute, letter chute

A small shaft for conducting letters from an upper floor to a post-box on the ground floor.
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9 gallon reusable sharps container with an integrated hinged lid, a restrictive mail chute and flusher insert.
Sharps are deposited into the SharpsTank Model TS by placing the used sharps in the mail chute, which allows the sharps to drop into the container while keeping fingers and hands away from direct access to the contents of the container.
Though police found the pistol believed to be used by the youths in a nearby mail chute and though a camera on a nearby building confirmed Wells' account of the incident, the denials of Buford's wrongdoing and culpability go on.
Other design details include rosette grilles, a lobby with a marble floor and wall linings, a ceiling frieze, metal grille work at the main entrance doors, and a bronze mail chute that runs through the tower floors.
The mailman had dropped a book into our mail chute.
At the time, the revolutionary hotel already featured modern innovations such as a central air-conditioning system and mail chutes on each floor.
Seal Air Leaks - Common sources of air leaks are cracks around doors and windows, especially old windows; gaps along baseboards; mail chutes and pet doors; cracks in brick, siding or foundation; and where external lines, such as phone and cable lines, that enter your home.
All building mail chutes will be closed between West 29th & 34th Streets between 6th & 10th Avenues during the same time period.