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Iserv said its Virtual Mail Server is available in multiple price packages, based on number of users and designed to maximize value.
NOD32 Antivirus for Linux Mail Servers is suitable for a wide range of users from SOHO mail servers to large ISP-class email server farms.
Technology built into certain SMTP mail servers solves this problem by allowing you to deny the relay of mail from any server other than the ones you have specifically approved.
Apple, Citrix Online, and Sun have done a lot of work to create an extremely realistic workload, provide measurement for encrypted and unencrypted operations, and improve the overall interoperability and stability of the benchmark," says Yun-seng Chao, chair of the SPEC mail server committee.
The combination of CA's eTrust Antivirus and SCO's SCOoffice mail Server delivers this critical business requirement in a tightly integrated package.
Compatible with Microsoft Outlook, but priced at a fraction of the cost of other messaging servers such as Microsoft Exchange, SCOoffice Mail Server is configured to support email, enhanced address book and busy-free calendar features of popular messaging readers.
Support of Postfix is a significant step in offering Global 1000 customers the choice and flexibility of using Sendmail's trusted messaging solutions regardless of the installed mail server.
A port dedicated to receiving messages submitted to the mail server.
Hummingbird Mail Server for Windows NT is a highly integrated set of NT Services that provides robust, high-speed e-mail delivery and transmission based on open-systems standards such as SMTP, POP2/3, IMAP4, and MIME.
They are formed by incorrectly configured mail servers or improperly written Email software and can bypass virus scanners that don't know how to detect and then deal with them.
Netscape Mail Server provides intuitive server management, open standards support, safe administration and extensibility to create a complete and compatible software solution for internal and external electronic mail exchange.
For the first time, businesses can enjoy complete Email protection through an affordable and easy to implement and manage solution regardless of their mail server or operating system platform.