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Norman. born 1923, US author. His works, which are frequently critical of modern American society, include the war novel The Naked and the Dead (1948), An American Dream (1965), his account of the 1967 peace march on Washington The Armies of the Night (1968), The Executioner's Song (1979), and Barbary Shore (1998)


(1) An e-mail program. See e-mail program.

(2) A message sent by an e-mail program.

(3) A person or organization sending e-mail.
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Our customers were seeking new innovation in plastic mailers to reduce costs, improve their operations, ensure their products arrive safely, and reduce the amount of material to meet their sustainability and environmental initiatives.
Now he's written his own book, "Mornings With Mailer," about his nearly five years working as editorial assistant to Norman Mailer.
Representatives from the FPPC and the Army Criminal Investigation Command said regulations prevent them from commenting on whether the mailer is being investigated.
Which mailing packages have been used as controls by the top mailers in the country.
Because we are a family-run business, even as we grow, we maintain personal relationships with many of our customers," said Bob Kolva, Director of Data and Imaging Operations, Action Mailers.
But he and other Proposition R supporters said the mailers are not deceptive and they clearly say the measure would give council members a third, four-year term.
Greenberg observes, "That's your money but the printer or mailer is sitting on it.
Now in its 24th year, the Directory of Major Mailers & What They Mail takes you into the epicenter of direct marketing - proprietary information not available from any other source at any price.
Chick disputed that the proposition would have prevented Fleishman-Hillard executives' fraudulent overbilling of the Department of Water and Power -- a claim made in the mailers.
Such threads can be individually throttled to respect the email acceptance speeds of these ISP so that mailers don't blast ISPs with a sudden rush of emails.
Van Seagraves, the founding publisher of Business Mailers Review, used to say that "in the bad old days, big mailing interests 'took care of' of a few key members of Congress with substantial campaign contributions.
By accessing services in the cloud with a web browser, direct mailers can save an average of 60% annually compared to the total cost of using the most popular on-premise direct mail software packages for similar processing.