main contractor

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general contractor

The prime contractor who is responsible for most of the work at the construction site, including that performed by the subcontractors.
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Owing to the widespread sub-contracting practices in the construction industry, a construction establishment can be a main contractor for one contract and a sub-contractor for another contract at the same time.
Alzubaidi said: "I believe that the main responsibility should be of the main contractor.
Summary: Deyaar Development appointed Belhasa Engineering and Contracting Company as the main contractor for its Midtown Afnan and Dania districts, in a contract worth US$ 163 million.
In a nominated subcontract, the project owner pays the main contractor a sum.
The purpose of providing the documents is only beneficial to the employer, with little to be gained by the main contractor, so it's therefore not surprising that many contractors fail to provide the documents in the hope that the project will be completed before the documents are requested.
Over a failure on the part of the main contractor RIKO to fulfill some of its responsibilities of the agreement on designing and constructing the St Petka hydroelectric power station in the set period of time and with the aim of protecting its own interests, AD ELEM activated the bank guarantee that the main contractor RIKO had provided, ELEM said.
The relationship between the main contractor and the subcontractor is not always in good term [7].
The contract was awarded by Khansaheb Civil Engineering, who is the main contractor for the project.
In this case, the Main Contractor was unable to pay an outstanding amount owed to the Subcontractor as a result of not receiving his payment from the Project Owner.
Three companies will compete in the final stage of the tender for selecting a main contractor for the construction of a new zinc plant in Bulgaria's southern city of Kardzhali.
NHS Wales has appointed law firm Morgan Cole as a main contractor following the NHS Shared Services tender for external legal services.
The company said it has now appointed a main contractor for the multi-million-pound development - and expects the new superstore to be open by this time next year.