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Shortly after we resumed our course upstream, we saw the mouth of another and smaller river emptying into the main channel from the south--that is, upon our right; and almost immediately after we came upon a large island five or six miles in length; and at fifty miles there was a still larger river than the last coming in from the northwest, the course of the main stream having now changed to northeast by southwest.
She soon rose from table, and, with an impression that Clare would soon follow her, went along a little wriggling path, now stepping to one side of the irrigating channels, and now to the other, till she stood by the main stream of the Var.
A hundred yards below the hole the stream ran out into open country, joining the main stream and flowing across rolling and grass-covered land.
On the fourth day after leaving Manaos we turned into a tributary which at its mouth was little smaller than the main stream.
At the corner where the main stream of people flowed onward, he started to edge out into the cross street.
Presently they came to a place where the paths crossed a bend of the main stream of the valley.
For the next three years we ought to lay out the hundred francs in making a single-span bridge to carry the lower road over the main stream," said M.
He turned, straight as an arrow, for the main stream of the Waingunga, plunging in a little above the pool that hid the Peace Rock, Mowgli at his side.
What's the good of your coming with me he asked, when I had followed him across the main stream of Notting Hill.
At the Marble Arch he slipped out of the main stream, and so into Wigmore Street, then up and in and out and on until I saw the gold tips of the Museum palisade gleaming between the horse's ears in the sun.
Provincial Labour Minister also announced setting up of industries in Jandola, Gabar, Darazanda and other marginalized areas of the FRs so as to provide employment opportunities to the jobless tribal youth and bring them in the main stream of life.
It merits mentioning that the incidents of dead bodies found in main stream are being increased for some time.