main line

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main line

1. Railways
a. the trunk route between two points, usually fed by branch lines
b. (as modifier): a main-line station
2. US a main road

Main Line


(Russian, magistral’; from Latin magistralis, “leading”).

(1) The main route, the primary line in communications (railroad main line, waterway main line).

(2) A wide and heavily traveled street in a large city.

(3) The main cable or wire in an electrical circuit or in tele-graph and telephone communications.

(4) The main pipe in a sewerage line or water system.

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These awards are particularly meaningful to the Mainline team since we choose to partner with only IBM.
The Planet provides us with enterprise-quality hosting solutions that are complementary to our core business and can evolve and grow with our current and future IT solutions offerings," said Donn Bullock, Vice President of Sales for the Open Systems Solutions Group at Mainline.
Since Mainline is one of IBM's largest business partners, McCarthy also is responsible for interfacing with key IBM executives.
For approximately ten years, Mainline and Novell have been providing customers with Linux-based solutions that lower costs, increase efficiency and improve productivity," said Doug Harrell, Mainline vice president of System z.
Customers turn to Mainline to assess and improve performance and utilization of server and storage assets.
Industry veteran John McCarthy has joined Mainline as Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing and he will oversee Mainline's enterprise and midmarket sales teams.
This acquisition allows us to combine nearly four decades of experience, the expertise of the industry's best technical professionals, and nearly 700 employees who focus on delivering infrastructure solutions, such as business continuance, virtualization, security and optimization to our clients," said Rick Kearney, President and CEO of Mainline.
Joining the strength of Mainline and Cornerstone means many advantages for customers," stated Herb Chittum, President of Cornerstone.
The airline also reported a domestic mainline load factor of 80.
a provider of enterprise-class file management solutions, and Mainline Information Systems, a leading IBM Premier Business Partner, today announced that Service Management Group (SMG), the market leader in business intelligence and customer metrics solutions for worldwide retail and restaurant brands, has chosen the Attune Systems file management solution.
Mainline Will Integrate PineApp's Email Security Software Into IBM Servers and Create New Security Appliance Solutions