main line

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main line

1. Railways
a. the trunk route between two points, usually fed by branch lines
b. (as modifier): a main-line station
2. US a main road

Main Line


(Russian, magistral’; from Latin magistralis, “leading”).

(1) The main route, the primary line in communications (railroad main line, waterway main line).

(2) A wide and heavily traveled street in a large city.

(3) The main cable or wire in an electrical circuit or in tele-graph and telephone communications.

(4) The main pipe in a sewerage line or water system.

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About Mainline Power Incorporated in 2003, Mainline is the trading name of Power and Data Corporation Pty Ltd and the sole owner of global rights to the patented Mainline power track.
For further information, please contact Mainline at 866-490-MAIN(6246).
Oden clearly sides with confessional movements and the reclamation of the mainline denominations from their current wayward path.
The solution became operational very quickly and any issues were addressed either by Mainline or IBM promptly.
The physicians criticized Crenshaw and supported the mainline doctrine.
said this corresponds to the overall decline in membership of mainline denominations in America.
The membership declines in mainline churches have as much to do with changing sociological patterns, said Russell Richey, a Duke professor.
Under the terms of the agreement, Mainline will purchase PineApp software and install it directly on the appropriate appliance in IBM servers.
Pursuant to the terms of the Agreement and Plan of Merger, Mainline shareholders electing and receiving S&T stock will receive 3.
The mainline load factor for the year to date was down 0.
5 percent compared to October 2007, while mainline passenger RASM increased 10.
As 'True Blue' partners, both Mainline and Cornerstone provide comprehensive technology solutions based only on industry-leading IBM platforms," explained Rick Kearney, President and CEO for Mainline.