Corn Oil

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corn oil

[′kȯrn ‚ȯil]
A semidrying, fatty oil of yellowish color, extracted from germs of corn kernels; used mainly as a salad oil, in soft soaps, and in compounded petroleum lubricants.

Corn Oil


a vegetable oil obtained from the embryo of the corn kernel (Zea mays).

The chemical composition of corn oil is similar to that of sunflower oil. It contains 2.5–4.5 percent stearic, 8–11 percent palmitic, 0.1–1.7 percent myristic, 0.4 percent arachic, 0.2 percent lignoceric, 30–49 percent oleic, 40–56 percent linoleic, and 0.2–1.6 percent hexadecenic acid. Its solidification point is between —10° and — 20°C. Its iodine number is 111–133. Corn oil is used in the bread baking industry and to make salad dressings, mayonnaise, and margarine.

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