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A typeless language used to produce machine-independent software. LITTLE has been used to implement SETL.

"Guide to the LITTLE Language", D. Shields, LITTLE Newsletter 33, Courant Inst (Aug 1977).

What does it mean when you dream about being little?

Dreaming about being little can relate to childhood or to “feeling small.” Little also finds a place in numerous idioms, any one of which might indicate the meaning of one’s dream: “little by little,” a “little horror,” “too little too late,” “Oak trees grow from little acorns,” etc. (See also Shrink, Small).

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A preparer is reckless in not knowing of a rule or regulation if he or she makes little or no effort, as judged by the standard of conduct for a reasonable preparer, to determine whether a rule or regulation exists.
Charnes makes little effort to explain why early modern capitalism required notorious figures; nor does she analyze the specific role the theater played in this cultural transformation beyond reiterating that theater's performativity could unfix all consolidations of identity.
For example, when a partner retires, it generally makes little or no economic difference either to him or to the continuing partners whether his interest is purchased pro rata by the continuing partners or liquidated in exchange for payments from the partnership.
To announce now, six months from the exam dates, that they must suffer consequences arising from a quantum leap in required score makes little sense, and may well produce test results that are not representative of what would otherwise have been realized.
Chilo looks like he can play, but I don't know if he can play a full game, because he makes little mistakes,'' Ruel said.
In contrast to earlier gay-related children's classics like Heather Has Two Mommies, this straightforward story makes little of the fact that Lucy's "parents" are both men.
However, it makes little sense to hold all female characters to the same critical standards, for not all do the same work in the poem.
Thus, for example, the author makes little use of the concept of protoindustrialization, even though it is essential to understanding the themes of her study as they relate to the central non-black soil region.
Therefore, it makes little sense to confine analytics to a small group of business analysts because it minimizes return on those investments," said Dan Vesset, research director of Business Analytics at IDC.
At first Mathieu makes little impact despite his good intentions, but then he puts to use his hidden ambitions to be a composer, writes little ditties for the boys to sing and forms a choir.
Derek Traversi's chapter on literature and drama is a piece of almost pure literary criticism, which the author makes little attempt to link to the rest of culture, but John Milsom's chapter on music and the six contributions concerned with the visual arts all emphasize connections between art and society.
It makes little or no sense (for IT customers) to buy different products from different vendors to get core services," including compression, TCP offload, security, switching, caching and SSL acceleration, APM Advisors founder R.