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(sür) or


(zou`ər), principal river of Luxembourg, c.100 mi (160 km) long, rising in the Ardennes, SE Belgium. It flows east through Luxembourg, then south (forming part of the Luxembourg-German border) to join with the Moselle (Mosel) River. With its tributaries, the Our, the Clerf, and the Alzette (which passes through the city of Luxembourg), the Sûre drains all of Luxembourg.


["Towards a Broader Basis for Logic Programming", Bharat Jayaraman, TR CS Dept, SUNY Buffalo, 1990].
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The vacation nurse makes sure she has all of the residents' medications, along with a stock supply of aspirin and Tylenol.
It makes sure all the 'T's get crossed and all the 'I's get dotted," stated Tom Ciepichal, vice president of operations for OPW.
But because Jacques-Marcoulis understands personally what it takes to thrive educationally under sometimes harsh, inner-city conditions, she makes sure her students know that at the end of the day, there are no excuses for not succeeding.
There is a very special "nurse" named Mother Teresa who, though surrounded by some of the direst poverty imaginable, makes sure that no one in her care dies alone or unloved.
Akonix, with its active policy enforcement approach, makes sure that companies like ours can remain in compliance with HIPAA rules, by preventing potential violations from occurring.
It makes sure that students learn the material, and that schools - better late than never - teach it.
Whitehall has a full activities program for the general nursing home population, and Ann Owens makes sure the Hampton unit is always included.