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Clark's side, with five players on full debut and two more making bows from the bench, trailed to Lee Barnard's 14th-minute penalty and Franck Moussa's 55th-minute strike at Roots Hall.
They are too busy making bows and arrows, building fires to cook bread on sticks and roast potatoes, making miniature fairy houses and climbing trees.
If you can't we are making bows out of orange ribbon like the breast cancer ones so everyone can wear something orange.
India, meanwhile, brought in three new faces with Chawla and fast bowler Patel making bows and Yuvraj Singh returning after injury.
We have yew growing in this country but it is not the best quality for making bows.
And the professional joiner became so enamoured with the activity, that he turned his hand to making bows for a living.
Both strong and flexible, the wood was so highly valued for making bows that it reportedly took a horse and a blanket to equal an osage-orange bow's value in trade.
When you learned to tie knots as a child, you probably thought their main use was for making bows on birthday presents or keeping your shoes on your feet.