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(sür) or


(zou`ər), principal river of Luxembourg, c.100 mi (160 km) long, rising in the Ardennes, SE Belgium. It flows east through Luxembourg, then south (forming part of the Luxembourg-German border) to join with the Moselle (Mosel) River. With its tributaries, the Our, the Clerf, and the Alzette (which passes through the city of Luxembourg), the Sûre drains all of Luxembourg.


["Towards a Broader Basis for Logic Programming", Bharat Jayaraman, TR CS Dept, SUNY Buffalo, 1990].
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When leaving your vehicle make sure nothing is left on display, hide all items in the boot, making sure the parcel shelf is flat and items cannot be seen.
The Southern Corridor project will let Southern and Central Russia to be supplied with extra volumes of natural gas which will facilitate municipal services and industrial development, while raising the gas network and making sure uninterrupted gas supply to the South Stream gas pipeline.
We know from talking to Coventry people that what really matters is that bins are emptied when we say we will empty them, so we'll be making sure that everyone knows when their waste collections will be over the festive season, and there'll be no repeat of last winter's chaos.
He said: "We will keep trying to pick up points, making sure people don't do the double over us and making sure we beat as many sides as possible.
It showed one of their top priorities was making sure reward packages were market competitive.
Rehman Malik said that democratic government is making sure that all reservations in this connection are abolished and true image of the Madaris are transformed in factual letter and spirit.
Prime Minister Gordon Brown has to call an election by June, 2010, so officials are making sure they are prepared.
Summary: The famous Egyptian actress Hala Fakher said that she was surprised to have her family members and close friends calling her and making sure that she was doing well health wise
She sensibly wore a baseball cap to shade her face from the sun making sure there will be no red faces on her wedding day.
Following the process through: This was primarily about being involved in the design review process, schematic design, design documentation and project documentation and making sure the recycling specifications were addressed in all these distinct parts of the review process and if the specifications dropped out of the review process making sure they were reinserted.
I will be making sure that the Chamber's excellent reputation for making its opinions known at the highest levels, does not diminish.
Coaches should have two good stop watches timing the whole operation, making sure the time is correct.