makore, African cherry, cherry mahogany

A moderately hard, heavy wood of West Africa, pinkish to red-brown in color; resembles mahogany and American cherry; used for cabinets, flooring, and plywood.
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The results have shown that finger-joints of high flexural performance could be produced from low-density Obeche and medium-density Makore using the type of resorcinol-formaldehyde glue studied.
The company has secured additional rig capacity on the "Transocean Marianas" semi-submersible rig to drill the Cedrela-1 well west of the Makore prospect near the block's southern boundary.
We also see African mahogany and other subspecies like sipo and makore becoming increasingly popular.
A study was undertaken to evaluate the flexural and tensile properties of finger-joints produced from Obeche (Triplochiton scleroxylon), Makore (Tieghemella heckelii), and Moabi (Baillonella toxisperma) using resorcinol formaldehyde (RF), melamine formaldehyde (MF), and isocyanate (ISO) adhesives.
HCC MD Thomas Makore verified that the equipment from Belarus was anticipated tomorrow.
The aircraft was distinctively designed and outfitted in an array of leathers and fabrics complimented by a dark mahogany stained Makore veneer.
To complete the Shangri-La experience, the guest rooms, suites, and apartments blend luxurious textures of natural stone, reflective metals, figured makore and wenge, along with a selection of sumptuous fabrics.
According to Brochstein's, the desks, which feature elegant Makore Pommelle veneers, would cost well into five-figures if manufactured today.
The so-called African redwoods like Khaya, sapele and makore are just full of figures," said Jim Carroll of Certainty Wood, East Aurora, NY.
SOPHIE Paterson and Stephen Makore made a great impression on employers when named best dressed students at the Future-Pro graduate recruitment event hosted by Staffordshire University.
left to right) Richard Lashmore, of Finest, and Baz Chapman, of Birmingham Future, admire snappy dressers Sophie Paterson and Stephen Makore, best dressed students at the Future-Pro recruitment event hosted by Staffordshire University
No detail contributing to the comfort of passengers has been omitted from the private staterooms, elegantly panelled in rosewood, makore, satinwood, and other rare species, while the palatial suites on "A" Deck provide a very suitable setting for the brightest luminaries of society.