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Malachite green is an industrial dye and a disinfectant for gold fish.
All results reported from the quartz vein/gossan with malachite staining proved to be anomalous.
All anomalous results were reported from the quartz vein/gossan with malachite staining.
The test, conducted after China's southern Guangdong Province moved earlier this week to ban exports of eel products, found that 11 out of 14 samples contained malachite green, a common antifungal agent used in fish farming, Deputy Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food Eddy Chan said.
The restaurant, which has increased its seating capacity from 45 to 70, has been renovated by Coventry designer Richard Jones of Malachite Interiors, Albany Road.
Exploration will begin in April with the examination of Anaconda drill core to the south of the Malachite zone in preparation for prospecting in that area.
Malachite green, which we have talked about for a number of quarters, is still the main colour series this spring.
Once widespread throughout the south of England, the shy and retiring Scarlet Malachite Beetle is being sought when it appears briefly during May and June.
The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority on Saturday ordered all eel products from China to be recalled from store shelves after it detected traces of residues of malachite green chloride, a chemical agent used to treat parasite and fungal infections in fish, in samples of eels from China, said Goh Shih Yong, spokesman for the authority.
Oxide mineralization comprising cuprite, malachite, azurite, limonite associated with 1-3% quartz veins was noted to a depth of 314m.
The copper mineralization consisting of disseminations and veinlets of malachite is exposed in outcrop over a distance of approximately 50 metres to the west and over a vertical distance of 15 metres.
Scottish salmon fillets containing the chemical malachite green were bought from the fresh fish counter at Morrisons in Byker, Newcastle, in February this year.