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They succeeded despite the double-edged sword of racism outside their ranks and male chauvinism within.
More specifically, each woman had used a sense of humour to disarm the climate of male chauvinism on the job.
1 golfer Tiger Woods has said it's time for the ladies to storm the Georgia bastion of male chauvinism - although Hootie Johnson, the 71- year-old chairman of the course that refused to have a black member until 1990 remains defiant.
She's torn between two worlds--the rough, combative NYC police force where male chauvinism and racism are always raising their ugly heads, and her family back in Astoria, Queens, particularly her mother, Sai Yuan Woo (Skinny Dragon Mother).
Open 13 times and dealt a blow to male chauvinism when she beat Bobby Riggs in a 1973 tennis match, was powered by a vegetarian diet.
A study of the female graduates of Girton College, Cambridge from as far back as the 1920s and up to the 1980s found that the older women were ``not surprised or bothered'' by male chauvinism at work, but that their daughters and granddaughters were ``angered'' by the sexist attitudes they encountered.
Singer and songwriter Masashi Sada, best known for such popular songs as ''Declaration of Male Chauvinism,'' gave a record 3,000th concert in Tokyo on Thursday.
Certainly male chauvinism combined with existing social and intellectual norms contributed to this result.
Male chauvinism and homophobia, among other "politically incorrect" behaviors, are exhibited to the point of absurdity.
The desire to objectify others, most evident in Germany in the Holocaust, is manifested in North America in a male chauvinism that has been internalized by men and women.
Negative impressions stemmed from Japan's wartime invasion of China, male chauvinism, strong sexual appetite, shrewdness, dishonesty and poor English-language skills.