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The ruling upheld the decision of the Sofia Appellate Court and the Sofia Military Court, the court of first instance, clearing Tsonev of accusations of malfeasance in office in his capacity as head of the Procurement Management Directorate at the Ministry of Defense.
Moreover, in the course of an auditing malfeasance trial, jurors--to arrive at a verdict--will be expected to acquire a working understanding of the issues and of two complex sets of accounting standards in a very short time.
In its most malignant form, he said, such a culture can lead a company through three levels of poor performance: 1) a long process of decline caused not by malfeasance but by non-feasance; 2) denial of a problem associated with the rejection of unpleasant corrective action recommendations; and 3) crisis management requiring extreme measures.
in a lurch toward gross linguistic malfeasance, displays "Madison n.
One source of malfeasance on the physiological level is the tiny pores that let calcium in and out of the heart muscle cells, thereby controlling contractions.
Damages and malfeasance towards our Company and its shareholders will always be defended by our Company," stated Richard A.
Congressman Bill Posey compared the Center for Disease Control (CDC)'s vaccine safety studies to the SEC's Bernie Madoff scandal, malfeasance in the CDC's studies of thimerosal-containing vaccines has, for the first time, been documented in peer-reviewed scientific literature.
The Supreme Court of Cassation (VKS) has cleared former Defense Minister Nikolay Tsonev of malfeasance charges for alleged crimes committed in 1999.
Mr Thaksin and his wife, Pojaman, are being tried on charges of malfeasance and conflict of interest for the 2003 purchase of a plot of land in central Bangkok from a government agency when he was the country's prime minister.
Instead of these ``Kumbaya'' play groups, some desk workers are treated to special ``town-hall meetings'' to foster their sense of community - and adulthood - in a world of routine layoffs and corporate malfeasance.
I agree that the entire Bush cabal should spend the rest of their lives in jail for this malfeasance.
The Bush administration has been even less friendly toward courageous federal employees who expose negligence, incompetence, malfeasance, and corruption, as witnessed in the cases of Sibel Edmonds, Diane Kleiman, Bogdan Dzakovic, Brian Sullivan, and many other whistleblowers.