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a cancer of the tissue of the lymphatic systemlymphatic system
, network of vessels carrying lymph, or tissue-cleansing fluid, from the tissues into the veins of the circulatory system. The lymphatic system functions along with the circulatory system in absorbing nutrients from the small intestines.
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. There are two categories of lymphomas. One type is termed Hodgkin's diseaseHodgkin's disease,
a type of cancer of the lymphatic system. First identified in 1832 in England by Thomas Hodgkin, it is a type of malignant lymphoma. Incidence peaks in young adults and the elderly.
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, the other, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (see lymphoma, non-Hodgkin'slymphoma, non-Hodgkin's,
any cancer of the lymphoid tissue (see lymphatic system) in which the Reed-Sternberg cells characteristic of Hodgkin's disease (the other category of lymphoma) are not present.
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). See also neoplasmneoplasm
or tumor,
tissue composed of cells that grow in an abnormal way. Normal tissue is growth-limited, i.e., cell reproduction is equal to cell death. Feedback controls limit cell division after a certain number of cells have developed, allowing for tissue repair
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Any neoplasm, usually malignant, of the lymphoid tissues.
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In this study, we investigated the presence of MCPyV in benign lymph nodes and malignant lymphomas in patients from Canada.
of cases Cytological diagnosis Histological diagnosis 118 Colloid goiter Nodular colloid goiter 2 Benign follicular cells Microfollicular adenoma 2 Benign follicular cells Lympnocytic thyroiditis 82 Benign follicular cells Diffuse follicular Undifferentiated hyperplasic with malignant cells Malignant lymphoma 12 Malignant cells Papillary carcinoma 4 Suspicious cells Papillary carcinoma 2 Benign follicular cells Follicular carcinoma 150 Total Table 4: Comparison between sensitivity and specificity of our study with other studies (17).
Malignant lymphoma with primary manifestation in the gonad: a clinicopathologic study of 38 patients.
Although the treatment modalities for Sjogren syndrome are largely limited to symptomatic relief of associated symptoms, diagnosis remains essential because long-term surveillance for the development of malignant lymphoma is necessary.
We found a significant association between exposure to phenoxyacetic acids and chlorophenols and malignant lymphoma, both NHL and Hodgkin disease (Hardell et al.
Hayes of the National Cancer Institute report finding an overall 30 percent increase in malignant lymphoma -- the canine equivalent of non-Hodgkin's -- in dogs whose owners used 2,4-D on their lawns.
These data were reported in an oral presentation at the 11th International Congress on Malignant Lymphoma, held June 15-18 in Lugano, Switzerland.
Primary penile malignant lymphoma is very rare, there are only 26 reported cases worldwide.
Additionally, two clinical abstracts on PCI-32765 have been selected for oral presentations at the 11th International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma (ICML) in Lugano, Switzerland, June 15-18, 2011.

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