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property of a metal describing the ease with which it can be hammered, forged, pressed, or rolled into thin sheets. Metals vary in this respect; pure gold is the most malleable. Silver, copper, aluminum, lead, tin, zinc, and iron are also very malleable. Some heating usually increases malleability. Zinc, for example, at ordinary temperatures is very brittle, but is malleable in the temperature range from about 120°C;. to 150°C;. Impurities adversely affect the malleability of metals.



the capacity of metals and alloys of undergoing forging and other types of pressure shaping (rolling, drawing, pressing, or stamping). Malleability is a property of most pure metals and of steel, brass, and Duralumin, as well as some other copper, aluminum, magnesium, and nickel alloys. It is characterized by plasticity—that is, the ability of the metal to undergo deformation under pressure without destruction—and by its resistance to deformation. Malleable metals combine relatively high plasticity with low resistance to deformation.


The property of a metal that permits mechanical deformation by extrusion, forging, rolling, etc., without fracturing.
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Living in a place with ample time for exercise, toys and friends boosts the brain's malleability in rats.
Aside from the malleability of that one congressman, why was Jim Wright chosen to be speaker-in-waiting?
Impressed by the firms malleability and innovation, CP clients recognize its value.
7, telling customers it was investigating possible fraud due to a security issue called transaction malleability, but did not specify at the time how many bitcoins were missing.
MALLEABILITY is a quality that comes naturally to Congressmen -- it helps them crawl when asked to bend.
I have always favoured these "noble," natural fibres for their malleability, breathability and durability.
He sets out the concept of investigative detention of terrorism suspects and outlines the investigative detention power of the US, Britain, and France, and finds that the foreign regimes are far more potent than those in the US, and suggests legislation that would beef up American malleability.
The three leading banks in Lebanon have managed to ride the wave of political and economic uncertainty in the country and have proven their malleability in coping with crisis.
Yet the sheer prevalence of the images of technological achievement indicates a more basic confidence in the promise of technology to improve social existence; the very mechanical and material nature of machinery seemed to affirm the plasticity and malleability of the universe.
In brief, this is an essential book, both as a work of art and a treatise on the malleability of the body--a concept that has only become more relevant since Bellmer's passing.
The solitary vibrations mimic structural defects that affect crystal malleability, Manley says.
In it, Griffin further displays the malleability of the history genre, noting the play's union of ritual/cyclical elements associated with festive drama in the provinces and of presentation of historical matter more concerned with spectacle in the present moment than with mimesis of events fixed in the past.