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1. Politics the support or commission given to a government and its policies or an elected representative and his policies through an electoral victory
2. (formerly) any of the territories under the trusteeship of the League of Nations administered by one of its member states
a. Roman law a contract by which one person commissions another to act for him gratuitously and the other accepts the commission
b. Contract law a contract of bailment under which the party entrusted with goods undertakes to perform gratuitously some service in respect of such goods
c. Scots law a contract by which a person is engaged to act in the management of the affairs of another



authorization, commission. The term “mandate” also refers to a document that confirms a particular person’s authority (for example, the mandate of a deputy). The term originated in Roman law to signify a contract of agency.

In international law at the time of the founding of the League of Nations the term “mandate” meant the authority given to a particular state to govern parts of Turkish possessions or former German colonies in the name of the League.

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Scholarship on mandates has demonstrated certain negative economic impacts of mandated employee benefits (Summers 1989; Gruber 1994), and employer mandated health insurance (Klerman and Goldman 1994).
Nine students indicated that their agencies' in-service training curriculum was constructed around the needs of the agency and mandated topics, which personnel often resented due in large part to the perceived minimization of the officers' intelligence and abilities and curricula not tailored for adult learners and their career objectives.
teachers need to stick to the basics in teaching so that students may do well on mandated tests.
It was further explained there was no provision in the League's Covenant for individual member states to make such requests in regard to the administration of a mandated territory: the "moral idea" was not to take precedence over the rule of law.
After the discussion, therapists were asked to discuss mandated reporting in general.
State mandated benefits are a predictable strategy for a society whose fondness for public services far exceeds its willingness to pay for them," stated Jon R.
How can the IRS ensure the independence of Appeals (as mandated by RRA) while intimating that valuation disputes--which are inherently factual--can be resolved in a formulary, cookie-cutter manner?
The first installment of the new Mandate Monitor shows states will be forced to spend nearly 6 percent of their general fund revenues during fiscal year 2004 on federally mandated programs.
Boyle commended the TEI representatives who have worked with the IRS to overcome the challenges and narrow the differences between what the IRS has mandated, what vendors can deliver, and what taxpayers should be required to do.
In January 2001, we reported that the Treasury Department instituted a formal process in 1999 to systematically promote congressionally mandated policies at the Fund.