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, mandril
1. a spindle on which a workpiece is supported during machining operations
2. a shaft or arbor on which a machining tool is mounted
3. the driving spindle in the headstock of a lathe
4. Brit a miner's pick



an attachment on metalcutting machine tools for securing products to be worked or cutting tools with center holes. The simplest mandrels consist of a rod with center holes for attachment between the centers of a machine tool or a rod with a cone corresponding to the conical opening in the arbor of a machine tool. Various expanding mandrels are frequently also used.


The core around which continuous strands of impregnated reinforcement materials are wound to fabricate hollow objects made of composite materials.
(mechanical engineering)
A shaft inserted through a hole in a component to support the work during machining.
A metal bar serving as a core around which other metals are cast, forged, or extruded, forming a true central hole.

mandrel, mandril

1. A temporary internal support for a light-gauge metal shell during a pile-driving operation; takes the impact of the pile hammer during driving and is then withdrawn before concrete is placed in the shell; also called a pile core. 2. A cylindrical bar or spindle, used chiefly as a support during machining or forming operations.
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Background -- A time-consuming and often problematic aspect of making nickel electroform tooling is building the mandrels on which the nickel is deposited.
The design strategy that combines Taguchi approach with two-dimensional flow simulation are then applied to search the sets of geometric parameters, with which the spiral mandrel sections can yield local maxima of flow uniformity.
A significant difference between traditional presses and these new sleeve presses is the use of a fixed mandrel at each print station.
When uniform hoopwise circular grids were initially marked on the billets, it was found that after drawing over a mandrel the bottom side of the markings were seen to have moved forward faster than the top portion of the tubular product [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED].
Each Watchwinder uses one or more mandrels containing a 22B spur gearhead incorporated within a Model 2230 coreless DC motor.
Compatible with all Dremel rotary tools, including the recently released Dremel Stylus(TM), the EZ Lock Mandrel System is designed for reinforced cut-off wheels -- Dremel's most popular accessory.
BEX's largest hybrid die so far is for 800-mm, four-layer pipe, using its special VSI spiral-mandrel/lattice-basket die for the HMW-PE core and three spiral mandrels for layers of PP coatings.
The new Viper systems are 90-ft long, and can accommodate longer mandrels (molds), which are mounted in line for sequential layup, enabling one ship set to be produced per cycle.
the leading original equipment manufacturer of mandrel bending equipment, announced today it had added a powerful interactive feature to its web site.
The two main composite fabrication methods are prepreg lay-up in molds for the wings and automated tape-laying on a mandrel for the fuselage sections.
The large symmetrical blind-side spread allows for use in soft or brittle materials, and the smooth, rounded mandrel ball is designed to insert easily into the workpiece.