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, mandril
1. a spindle on which a workpiece is supported during machining operations
2. a shaft or arbor on which a machining tool is mounted
3. the driving spindle in the headstock of a lathe
4. Brit a miner's pick

mandrel, mandril

1. A temporary internal support for a light-gauge metal shell during a pile-driving operation; takes the impact of the pile hammer during driving and is then withdrawn before concrete is placed in the shell; also called a pile core. 2. A cylindrical bar or spindle, used chiefly as a support during machining or forming operations.
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The adventure began when a 14-inch mandril pig was launched from the Urucu Unit to run through the ORSOL I oil pipeline in the Amazon and did not arrive at the Coari Terminal, located 280 km from the launch site.
This exciting and entertaining new show will be hosted by the pleasant and cheerful team of "El Mandril," (The Baboon) with strong local ties to the Chicago community.
aasta Taani vallutuse taga vois olla samasugune uhiskondlik pinge, nagu see oli tekkinud mandril vastu Suur-Britannia saart 11.
All Winchester Model 70 Feather-weights have barrels which are rifled by cold hammer forging sometimes called swaging where giant rotary hammers strike the outside of the barrel causing it to wrap around a die or mandril placed in the bore.
Tenders are invited for Supply of following Dental disposables & consumables for hospital use for aiims, bhubaneswar ,Stone plaster (white) (pack of three kg),plaster of paris (pack of three kg),self cure acrylic (clear) (powder - 400 gm, liquid -400 ml),self cure acrylic (pink) (powder - 400 gm, liquid -400 ml),heat cure acrylic (clear) (powder -475 gm, liquid - 275 ml),heat cure acrylic (pink) (powder - 475 gm, liquid - 275 ml),acrylic trimmers of various shape,polishing stones (flame shaped) ,expansion screw (3 pin),sand paper mandril,dog bite articulator three pin articulator,alginate (dust free) (pack of 1.
Music fans and talk radio listeners can enjoy SBS Radio programming like "El Vacilon de la Manana," "DJ Laz Morning Show," "El Vacilon del Mandril," "El Circo de la Mega," and "La Bola de la Manana," among others on TuneIn through over 200 different platforms including smartphone apps, connected vehicle dashboards, internet home entertainment systems and online at www.
The deal will offer special digital distribution for all GRC stations, including regional Mexican station KXOS in Los Angeles and the most-heard Spanish language program in America, "El Show Del Mandril," for which the two firms recently signed a U.
Radioton Para Nuestros Ninos" -Radiothon for Our Kids- will count with La Raza's popular and well-known DJ's and talent, including Ricardo Sanchez "El Mandril," Sylvia del Valle "La Bronca," Ernesto de Santiago "El Barzon," Valentin Garcia "El Semental," Luis Enrique Baldizon "El Pesado," Francisco Esquivel Flores "Paisa Man," and Charito Martinez who will be present to entertain and encourage listeners to make a donation to the hospital.