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see goosefootgoosefoot,
common name for the genus Chenopodium, as well as for the goosefoot family, Chenopodiaceae, a family of widely distributed shrubs and herbs that includes the beet, spinach, and mangel-wurzel.
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Her role as meddling baddie Mrs Mangel was so convincing on the Australian show that Vivean quit both the series and acting after two years due to abuse from viewers.
She landed her most famous role, as busybody Nell Mangel, in 1986.
She landed her most famous role, as busybody Mrs Mangel in Neighbours, in 1986.
Mangel beets, often called forage beets or mangel-wurzel beets, grow huge roots weighing from 5 to 20 pounds each that can be used as livestock fodder in winter.
Dave Harper, 43, a production engineer at Mangel in Kinmel Bay, is designing the mould for the 200 telephone kiosks.
I can understand why he was tempted to return to Mangel to reunite us with Hoppers pub doorman Royston.
Melanie Mangel was at the heart of Ramsay Street during the height of Neighbours' hold on the British viewing public.
Mangel is responsible for managing all IFG operations and reports to NNNG chairman Michael Segal.
I wrote COUNTRYSIDE last year requesting information on using mangel beets as a source of livestock feed.
Thomas Mangel, a longtime, influential member of the Hamptons real estate scene, will be joining the team at Saunders & Associates, the firm announced today.
uk last week 1) Mangel Wurzel The Movie: film-maker hopes documentary on Huddersfield eccentric Jake Mangel Wurzel will be broadcast on TV A film-maker hopes her documentary on the life and times of a Huddersfield eccentric will be broadcast worldwide on TV.
Little, 50, who played Joe Mangel in the Aussie soap, was caught by a camera near Blair Atholl in April.