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see goosefootgoosefoot,
common name for the genus Chenopodium, as well as for the goosefoot family, Chenopodiaceae, a family of widely distributed shrubs and herbs that includes the beet, spinach, and mangel-wurzel.
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In his eyes, everyone in Mangel is petrified of him and all its women secretly fancy him.
After a few times, they eagerly gobbled the mangels when I put them in their manger.
While residents of Mangel may worry about never being able to leave their incestous home town, I, for one, would like to return some day.
Jake Mangel Wurzel has been a prominent Huddersfield figure for more than 30 years.
Surely Mangel Wurzel must realise that in dressing and behaving as he does he is inevitably going to place himself in a position of ridicule and mimicry, especially from mischievous youngsters.
MADCAP Huddersfield eccentric Jake Mangel Wurzel has escaped a prison sentence for brandishing a knife at a group of boys.
The Math and Science Day was coordinated by Kathi Mangel, a mother of three students at the school, and other parent volunteers.
Llorente SIU, a leading Contract SIU service provider, announced today that its partnership with SeaBright Insurance Company has yielded the successful conviction and sentencing of Cyndi Mangel for worker's compensation fraud.
PTA volunteers Kathy Mangel and Kelly Stover say Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts will be earning merit badges by making food storage boxes.
success Jake Mangel Wurzel, his newly-built tower on the Huddersfield Civic Centre precinct and the official letter from Kirklees Council saying it can stay