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see goosefootgoosefoot,
common name for the genus Chenopodium, as well as for the goosefoot family, Chenopodiaceae, a family of widely distributed shrubs and herbs that includes the beet, spinach, and mangel-wurzel.
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Jake Mangel-Wurzel and film director Michelle |Heighway.
In between there was a chaff-cutter for making chaff of the hay, and a slicer for cutting up mangel-wurzels for the cow.
To get in training she has been learning to plough furrows, milk cows and throw mangel-wurzels for the film.
The successful applicants will grow their own root vegetables, mangel-wurzels - now used as cattle feed but eaten by 19th century workers.
Yes, it's better in the winter: cutting up mangel-wurzels is easier than chasing over the mountain for her.