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There are over 110 varieties of high quality mangoes in Pakistan and the country is the 5th largest producer and 6th largest exporter in the world, according to press statement issued on Saturday.
The TDAP further said that in order to promote Pakistani mangoes, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan has organized mango shows during current mango season at United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other countries.
For the past few weeks, markets are full of mangoes and one can get the fruit at every nook and corner of residential colonies.
There are over 450 varieties of mangoes in Pakistan, but the most popular commercial varieties include Chaunsa, Sindhri, Anwar Retol, Dasehri, Langra, Neelam, Saroli, Fajri, Gulab Khas, Totapari, Benganpali and Padam.
This year, the festival features more than 85 varieties of mangoes from the US, Brazil, Ivory Coast, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan, Egypt, Kenya, Thailand, India and Sri Lanka.
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The mangoes have come from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala.
She said she will try to organize another mango festival in cooperation with the Pakistani consulate to showcase the different species of mangoes alongside a number of mango delicacies.
75 million tonnes of mangoes every year out of which only five per cent is exported.
According to statistics, 10,200 tonnes of Omani mangoes were produced in 2010, as against 6,373 tonnes in 2007.
World imports of mangoes increased from 397,623 metric tons in 1996 to 826,584 metric tons in 2005.
Pakistan is the third largest producer of mangoes in the world and produces world's finest quality of mangoes.