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a public declaration of intent, policy, aims, etc., as issued by a political party, government, or movement



(1) A solemn address or declaration from some organization that sets forth political views.

(2) An act of a head of state or supreme body of government addressed to the people and relating to some major political event such as a reform of the system of power or the accession of a new monarch.

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Our goal is to see the calls in our manifesto replicated in the manifestos of local political parties.
The CHP's manifesto has 21 pages on foreign policy.
Each of the measures proposed in the fully-costed manifesto A Better Way for Wales: Building our economy on the SME foundation, reflect the concerns of the FSB's 10,000 members, and draw on the work of leading academics.
Indeed, given that our manifesto is fully costed, we will also be setting out how we will pay for the policies we are calling for.
The manifesto promises to "guarantee that EU regional funding for Wales is maintained at the existing level, but funded purely by the UK Government instead".
Mr Rotheram said: "I think the policies in our manifesto will be really welcomed in areas like mine.
Labour's manifesto set out plans for a revolution in government, including: | Taking PS30 billion away from Whitehall departments and handing it to local councils working with their neighbours; | A new English Cabinet, chaired by the Prime Minister with council leaders from the biggest cities and counties as members; | A new elected Senate of the Nations and Regions to replace the House of Lords.
Boris Johnson urged local people to take part in our Teesside Manifesto, saying it would help "galvanise the electorate".
Yan signed the new Responsible Care Beijing Manifesto on behalf of PPG.
About Manifesto Manifesto is an award-winning integrated brand experience agency with offices in Portland, OR and Milwaukee, WI.
It is not a political game or appeasement as we had promised in our 2009 manifesto.
Nothing can be more laughable and ludicrous for a political party that its election manifesto is a "cut and paste" job from the election manifesto of a rival political party.