lay figure

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lay figure

an artist's jointed dummy, used in place of a live model, esp for studying effects of drapery

Lay Figure


a wooden doll with movable arms and legs used by artists for sketching clothing and various human poses.

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It is ironical that Mannequins wearing two-piece are placed on the roadside or inside a store, this must be stopped because firstly, it affects the children and secondly the minds of all the perverts in the society gets fuelled by them and they commit crimes on women," said Tawade.
Mannequins come in all shapes, colours and sizes but always come apart - just like jointed artists' models made of a head, body, legs and arms.
The mannequin is used all over town, the chief said.
In dressing-up the mannequin, a similarity rule for identical thermal resistance of the clothing material was derived for the miniature cloth thickness, [t.
Taylor targets the mannequins - some of them placed in racy lingerie in front of the stores as well as in the storefront windows - and which she called "lewd" and "XXX-rated.
THIS life-size black mannequin features a velvet bodice trimmed with real ostrich feathers.
The mannequin is traveling once a month to the different branches of Azza Fahmy.
Then the researchers found that 10 volunteers experiencing a body-swap with a mannequin displayed elevated electrical responses in the skin on their fingertips--a physiological indication of heightened emotion--when a knife was passed just over the mannequin's arm.
Dirty jam jars, used breakfast bowls, and a mannequin with her face trapped in a bird's cage are also on display.
This combat casualty care instruction mannequin represented the Army's standardized medical training program and is intended to reduce the die-of-wounds rate on the battlefield by providing soldiers with skills to save the wounded.
There was a pair of pants and a blouse displayed on a mannequin, and two store-workers standing close by.
Welcome to Rootstein Display Mannequins, "the Rolls-Royce of mannequin manufacturers.